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Our "Elegance Package" is set for formal events, including different effects from our "Design Lighting" (see Service page for further details) and standard sound system. Perfect for weddings, proms and formal events. 

Rock-Star Package

Basic+ Package

Our "Basic+ Package" has everything included in the "Basic Package" except it includes an upgraded lightshow. Perfect for the smaller events that want a true dance or club feel. 

Plus Package

Full DJ Packages:

Basic Package

Our "Basic Package" is great for small parties or events such as house, pool and graduation parties. The setup will include a small lightshow and sound system. 

DJ Services & Packages

     Below you will find information on a few different sample and common packages and setups we offer. Please note that because we customize our setup to suit the needs for your event, the price will be customized to your needs as well. We do not display pricing on our site, however, for a free quote please feel free to call or contact us for pricing.

     The below packages are only some of the great lightshows that are offered. We customize each of our lighting systems to bring you a breathtaking lightshow and use a mix of effects to give you a quality service.       

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Elegance Package

The "Plus Package" is our most commonly used package. It includes a 5-foot wide lightshow and has an upgraded sound system, making this package perfect for most mid sized events.

Looking for a concert feel? The "Rock-Star Package" can deliver! With a concert feeling lightshow and sound system, this package will give you the mosh pit feeling! Perfect for high energy and large events.